Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G.
Demi Sec – Millesimato


The fourth wine from a much talented family, and the sweetest. Bortolomiol created this sparkling wine using the Charmat method, gaining a level of sweetness beyond that of the Cartizze. So we are in the presence of a perfect desert wine. Another result of the passion and great sparkling wine making skill of the Bortolomiol winery.

The Demi Sec version is the least common. With its strong sugar residue it should be drunk at the end of the meal with dessert. The wine is not overly sugary, its sweetness being nicely balanced by its freshness. The over-ripe grapes picked late give a persuasive fragrance and it is silky in the mouth. A perfect accompaniment to an autumn cake with chestnuts and persimmons.

(Tasting & text by Michele Bressan)

YEAR 2015



“Gran Menzione”

YEAR 2013


China Wine Spirits Award

“Silver Medal”