A place of freedom where nature provides the inspiration and where we host amazing artists who share our profound philosophy.

The project

The “Parco della Filandetta” is a restored piece of industrial archaeology in the heart of Valdobbiadene, the amalgamation of a symbol of industrialisation and farming but also a container, where art and culture come together to create an authentic Art & Wine Farm.

As well as housing our winemaking cellar, a tiered stone amphitheatre and the tasting room, the ancient silk mill is an open space, a container for developing projects that look towards the future while maintaining tradition. The park, with the Ius Naturae organic vineyard, is the setting for a Land Art project designed to involve international female artists invited to take up residence. We want to enjoy and share the pleasure of wine and art, highlight important issues and build international and intercultural relationships.

The colours, sounds and scents of nature, the gifts and surprises of the seasons, the loveliness and harmony of the landscape are the driving force and the authentic beauty of the Parco della Filandetta.
Parco della Filandetta
A place at the service of the universal language of the arts and which transcends time.




Tour & Tasting

Bortolomiol opens its winery to tours designed to tell wine lovers all about the production of the Prosecco Superiore DOCG and to discover its history. A fascinating itinerary through the organic vineyard and the cellar, a combination of art and innovation, will guide guests to the heart of the winery, The Parco della Filandetta – Wine & Art Farm.

Choose your preferred tasting and enter the world of Bortolomiol..


In the heart of Valdobbiadene

In 2008 Bortolomiol took the decision to change over its vineyards to an organic growing system, a farming approach designed to preserve the natural habitat of the vineyard, embarking upon a production process aimed at optimising the quality of the wine produced while safeguarding the environment and human health. The aim is to produce an authentic Organic District in the heart of the Appellation area. From the organic vineyard in the heart of Valdobbiadene – inside the Parco della Filandetta – comes the Ius Naturae Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Organic wine, the natural consequence of the production policy based on sustainable and environmentally-friendly wine growing practices.
Organic wine growing involves the adoption of a series of farming procedures that minimise the use of synthetic chemicals. This farming method not only involves defending the health of the plants with copper and sulphur, but also the choice of growing system, pruning, how the land is worked, how the foliage is dealt with and so on right up to harvesting. This strict production process takes place with a continuous presence in the vineyard in order to observe and monitor the progression of the natural cycles of the vines and the problems they can encounter.

Vendemmia bio
Residenza D'Artista



The art of making

The Parco della Filandetta, owned by the Bortolomiol family and located in the centre of Valdobbiadene, inside hosts a spectacular park open to the public and an industrial archaeology building, in past times dedicated to the production of silk thread.
Here in this place, and thanks to this place, an intellectual need has been developed: the desire to link our past with our present. From the art of making silk threads, i.e. the art of “making”, to the art of “making” wine with a conscious regard for the territory that accommodates and surrounds us.


A cathedral in the heart of Valdobbiadene

Following a conservative restoration of the Silk Mill architectural complex, the magnificence of the large rectangular room re-emerged which was once the scene of the women’s arduous work, both mothers and daughters, who quickly and skilfully formed the invisible silk threads.
The Ancient silk mill room is like a cathedral, with imposing proportions, tall ceilings and metal roof braces. It is bathed in natural light thanks to generously sized windows on two of its sides.
It is the heart of this majestic industrial archaeology structure, the place where poetry exists out of nothing, and the place where the expression “to everything there is a season” finds a new interpretation: the season “of ancient making” combines with “of making with an eye towards the future”.




Charming little corners, magnificent aspects and captivating panoramas

The Parco della Filandetta is a fascinating place and can be visited to savour its beauty. Taking a moment to taste the bubbles in the rooms of the Filanda and then beginning a tour of the park is a way of experiencing first-hand what we mean by the “Art&Wine Farm”. The tour begins at the tiered theatre, then moving on to the charms of the organic “garden vineyard”, we cross a magnificent “avenue of hornbeams” and become totally immersed in areas “inhabited” by artistic installations that lead the visitor into a symbolic world.

Opere parco 1

The works

Opere parco 2
Gomitolo opera
Ricarica bici elettriche


One more step in the direction of sustainability and the environment: from May onwards you can charge your electric bike and Vespa directly at the Parco della Filandetta.

We have now installed charging stations for electric bicycles and Vespas, to promote a dynamic style of tourism that allows our guests to enjoy the hills of our Appellation by following routes with unique panoramas.

casa dell'artista

The Artist’s house