Alongside the historical Bortolomiol winery, in the heart of Valdobbiadene, you have the Parco della Filandetta, with the wine-making cellar, the Ius Naturae organic vineyard, the amphitheatre with its tiered stone seats and the “La Filanda” tasting room.


The upshot of an industrial-architecture restructuring project by the architect Wally Tomé, and winner of the Prometeo Award as virtuous integration of a symbol of industrialization and an agricultural process, Parco della Filandetta, with all its annexes, faithfully focusses on sustainability and promoting the area, central aspects of company strategy, and emerging to an increasing extent as a real wine agora.


You enter the Park through the entrance gate in Via Mazzini, the main street of Valdobbiadene., From here a small path winds its way up to the square, running under a leaf canopy of before giving visitors a breathtaking view of the vineyard and the Wine-Making Cellar.