International Artist in Residence Project

The ‘Parco della Filandetta’, owned by the Bortolomiol family and located in the centre of Valdobbiadene, inside hosts a spectacular park open to the public and an industrial archaeology building, in past times dedicated to the production of silk thread.
Here in this place, and thanks to this place, an intellectual need has been developed: the desire to link our past with our present. From the art of making silk threads, i.e. the art of “making”, to the art of “making” wine with a conscious regard for the territory that accommodates and surrounds us.

This has led to the  International Artist in Residence Project, which aims to be a trait d’union between “the art of making” of the past and “of making” in the present: dedicating this space to be the home of Land Art works, created exclusively by women artists of international renown.
The art “of conceiving thought” becomes the art “of making”, which in turn becomes “material works of art”, able to appreciate the links between the past and the present using materials of the tradition and of the territory with a personal and evocative vision. The satisfaction and the end goal is to be able to enjoy intellectual pleasure from the presence of these artistic expressions and from the dialogue that they create with their surroundings.

The Artists

Giovanni Casellato

A graduate in Architecture, he has always been heavily involved in the world of working with iron from which he manages to bring out the soul of such a difficult and heavy material, paying great attention to the finishing techniques. As a designer and sculptor he has exhibited in several important Italian and European cities, also taking part in the Venice Biennale in 2008.

[…]” I think how lucky I am to live my work with passion, to physically interpret concepts or ideas that are recognised and endorsed by people who take possession of my work to enhance their spirit or simply to smile by recalling memories.”
Giovanni Casellato

Works present in the park:
Il Gomitolo
Campo di Vento
Aerei di Francesca
Il Tavolo

Susken Rosenthal
Born in Stuttgart, Germany, she graduated from the UdK in Berlin. She lives in Berlin and in Baitz. Her installations can be seen as places where there is an active and conscious awareness of imagined and perceived space. Her creations in recent years have been large works that dialogue more and more closely with the space that hosts them.
She is the curator and director of the Brandeburgo Kunstpflug artists initiative, and the developer of artistic themes to do with the rural world around Berlin; together with international colleagues she is the interpreter of experimentations with new perceptions of public space.

Works present in the park:

Inês Coelho da Silva

Originally from Santa Maria de Feria, Portugal, she lives and works in London, MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art, BA in Fine Arts in the Sculpture section of the University of Porto.
Her artistic creations are made up of almost invisible elements when observed at a distance, but which unfold themselves in detail for the spectator who decides to get closer. They reject the monumental scale, the spectacle, the speed of images. There is instead the discovery, the revelation of the work through the use and sensitivity of the hands.


“My pieces invoke concepts of patience, carefulness, home, body, vulnerability, time.”
Inês Coelho da Silva