Prosecco D.O.C. TREVISO Extra Dry


Miòl is the new wine from Bortolomiol. It embodies the perfect harmony of the local land and the way of life. It proudly represents a tradition which brings together the finest ingredients for a finished product of unrivalled quality. From the rich, sun-kissed lands of Treviso comes a truly Italian lifestyle. This is the most popular version of Prosecco, perfect between meals with light snacks and among friends.

With this simple, highly drinkable wine, Bortolomiol shows off all their sparkling winemaking skill. Using the grapes that come from the oldest areas of Prosecco DOC, which surround the walled city of Treviso, inside its rustic nature we find all the pleasure of Glera grapes. Excellent with both meat and fish-based savoury snacks.