Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. – Prosecco Superiore
Brut Nature – Millesimato
Rive San Pietro di Barbozza


All of Bortolomiol’s experience in the sparkling wine field was used to accomplish this additional challenge: continuing the exploits of Giuliano Bortolomiol as a skilled sparkling-wine maker and great experimenter, always looking for new ways forward in the name of high quality. This Grande Cuvèe is dedicated to him, the first one to make a Prosecco Brut, a Rive which is exclusively produced with grapes from the San Pietro di Barbozza vineyard, a Millesimato in order to present the particular characteristics of each vintage in the best possible way, and a Brut Nature method, a zero dosage. These characteristics inspired the colours of the new packaging: the dark brown of the earth and the light blue of the sky.

The owery bouquet demonstrate an austere, not aggressive character, a prelude to the dry, vibrant and powerful avour. Here you can be daring with accompanying dishes: apart from being a classic accompaniment to sea food, the good structure of this wine means it is perfect with white sh such as turbot, and white meats such as delicately prepared suckling pig.