Veronelli: the exhibition that celebrated the work of the unique narrator of Italian wine and food culture is coming to an end

On Saturday, October 31st, the exhibition dedicated to the work of the great Luigi Veronelli: “Walk the Earth” is coming to end, and Bortolomiol is really proud to have supported it as a promoter.

The link between Bortolomiol and Veronelli has always been very deep and a reason of pride for the company: the book on Giuliano Bortolomiol – The dream of Prosecco – was in fact published within the Seeds Collection by Veronelli, and it was dedicated to men and women who with their own work shared the food and wine culture. The commitment of Veronelli in enhancing the territory and in creating a culture of food and wine based on quality, has always been also the commitment of Bortolomiol.

That’s why Elvira Bortolomiol visited the exhibition with great interest, accompanied by Gian Arturo Rota, who for 11 years headed Veronelli Publishing and edited the guide I Ristoranti di Veronelli: that’s why you can then define him rightly a heir to all cultural heritage left by Luigi.

The exhibition, which includes a visit to a reconstruction of Veronelli winery (70,000 labels, a real paradise for connoisseurs) represented his thought, life and commitment, but also his role as the first communicator – and the inventor of a new language – of italian food and wine, promoting therefore the development of quality.

That’s why, in conjunction with EXPO 2015, the event of the year dedicated to food, it was necessary to celebrate the great work, contribution and opinion of a man who put the diffusion of the wine culture at the center of his life.

Here the link to the exhibition: