The Parco della Filandetta is graced with a new artwork

The collection of land art hosted in the Park is enhanced with a new jewel, to complete the exhibition of works by Giovanni Casellato and Susken Rosenthal.

“Table” is the name of the new work by Giovanni Casellato, designed to pay homage to the grapevine. The material chosen is Corten, widely used in wine growing because of its resistance and versatility, and which naturally takes on hues reminiscent of the shoots of a vine. The work therefore blends into the environment that hosts it, becoming one with the nature all around it.

“Table is the result of the Bortolomiol family’s wish to complete the tasting and end the guided tour through the works of art in the park in a shared space”, states the artist. “We chose the vine leaf as the predominant element, seen as a linchpin and the prevailing key element”.

Around the table, cubes made from the same material embrace it symbolically and become an integral part of it. An invitation for conviviality, to sit down and enjoy a glass of Prosecco Superiore, or maybe even sit alone in a moment of personal reflection, among the splendid Valdobbiadene hills.