The Grande Cuvée del Fondatore awarded the “Tre Bicchieri” by Gambero Rosso for the third year running

Once again for 2019, the Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco Superiore Grande Cuvée del Fondatore Rive di San Pietro di Barbozza has won the coveted “Tre bicchieri” (three glasses) recognition conferred by the Gambero Rosso gourmet magazine.

For us this award is an endorsement,” states Elvira Bortolomiol, Vice President of the winery, “this sparkling wine dedicated to our father encompasses all the sparkling winemaking experience of our family and we have striven to explore remote boundaries, lowering the sugar content significantly and leaving this wine on the lees for several months.”  

The choice has also been shared by foreign markets that show an increasing demand for the Brut version of a Sparkling Prosecco Superiore.

“High quality is always a winning strategy,” continues Elvira, “we have made a philosophy of it which, together with sustainability, is the foundation of our mission. 2018 has been an extremely positive year in many respects, and the developments still haven’t finished yet: we’ll conclude the year with the launch of a new wine, following on from the success of our Audax zero.3, Prosecco Superior extra brut presented at the last Vinitaly.”