Parco della Filandetta: Alessandro Scorsone teaching a lesson of the Ca’ Foscari Master

On Friday, May 20th the sommelier Alessandro Scorsone has been a guest at Parco della Filandetta Bortolomiol, where he lectured a lesson part of the Master in Food Culture of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

The first part of the lesson concerned the table set up and the correct behavior during a lunch. During  the second part Scorsone has presented the tasting of some Bortolomiol wines: the Bandarossa Vintage, the organic Ius Naturae, the Superiore di Cartizze and the Prior which won the Tre Bicchieri by Gambero Rosso, focusing more on the emotions and sensations which arouse while tasting a wine rather than on technical details.

Alessandro Scorsone, Master of Ceremonies of Palazzo Chigi and leading member of the Association of Italian Sommeliers, has long been close to the winery and it is now a tradition that he guides Bortolomiol wine tastings during Vinitaly.

The Master in Wine and Foof Culture, which aims to the enhancement and promotion of food and wine resources, in which Bortolomiol is a partner company, is a training program that teaches how to deal, through a multidisciplinary approach, with different issues that the ‘food-wine’ topic requires to know today. That’s why Parco della Filandetta is the best place to held a lesson in order to spread not only the culture of wine but also of the territory.