Moscow: Bortolomiol and Gambero Rosso in Russia

On November 23rd the Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso Tour arrived in Moscow.

There, Bortolomiol welcomed its visitors – together with the importer Azbuka Vkusa – with the excellence of the Prosecco Superiore hills: the Grande Cuvée of the Founder. In addition to the Brut Naturae Millesimato, which has won the Tre Bicchier this year, the guests were also able to learn about and taste the Prior Millesimato (winner of Tre Bicchieri last year) the Senior Prosecco Superiore, the organic Ius Naturae and the Bandarossa.

With this year’s tour, Bortolomiol and Gambero Rosso will present the unicity of Prosecco Superiore and of its territory, perfectly embodied by the Rive Brut Naturae dedicated to the founder, which is already getting a lot of attention and consent. Next stop for Bortolomiol: South Africa for the Top Italian Wines Tour, always with Gambero Rosso.