The Bortolomiol family, together with Veronelli Editore, have produced the book entitled “Giuliano Bortolomiol – Il sogno del Prosecco” (The Prosecco Dream). Not only an affectionate reflection on a husband and father, but above all a tribute to the founder and an accolade for the pioneer of the Prosecco world.

The biography is part of the series “Semi – I Protagonisti delle Culture Materiali” telling the stories of men and women who worked and lived for the land, with actions more than words, with produce more than intentions.

Author of the book is Ettore Gobbato. He tells the story through day to day routines, reproducing dialogues and everyday events, combining it all to recount the life of a man who, one step after another, consistently with determination, transformed Prosecco, once drunk only in and around Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, into an international star. Representing Made in Italy sparkling wine on the world stage more than any other.

The story begins after the Second World War and is one of poverty, dignity, emigration, bicycles ridden to school, reconstruction of the country and of possible alternatives. The countryside was in a disastrous state and farmers preferred to abandon the hills and move onto the plains to find better-paid work. Everyone had to be convinced that there was a future in that wine sold draught and served in a carafe: the history of a dream with no flights of fancy, just concrete steps; founding the Confraternity, the Company, setting up the Consortium, renovating Villa Dei Cedri, and creating the National Sparkling Wine Exhibition.

All this is narrated with family feelings, the solidarity of friends, this simple protagonist’s small daily gestures and wanting to achieve. Fragments of humanity transforming an entrepreneur’s biography into a territorial novel to be read all in one go. With a happy ending. Giuliano’s dream came true in 2009 with the DOCG which means greater reliability for the consumer and more protection for producers for a wine which, like Prosecco Superiore, is unique.