Italy earthquake fundraising: Bortolomiol deliveries its contribute to the Italian Red Cross

Following these last months fundraising in support of the earthquake victims in central Italy, Bortolomiol took a step forward in the recent days delivering its donation to the Italian Red Cross.

“The activities of the Red Cross have impressed us, thanks to its concrete support and the capillarity of its aid in the affected municipalities of the center part of Italy – said Maria Elena Bortolomiol – also and especially for the help given to farmers and breeders of small towns, who were forced to stay in those areas to keep doing their jobs. “

With the arrival of winter and the fall of temperatures the Red Cross stood by these populations, providing them with shelter tents and campers and distributing more than 60,000 hot meals. Also at this stage, the association supplies psychological support teams, which are indispensable both for the population and for the rescuers in all the affected territories.

The Red Cross guarantees that the collected funds will be used for projects which are designed and conducted with complete transparency, in coordination with the purposes of the affected municipalities and populations.

In this way the winery – and all those who have made purchases at the Wine Shop of Parco della Filandetta in the last months or who participated in the November dedicated event – will contribute to the support and management of this emergency that has struck the people, the land and the small agricultural entrepreneurship.

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