Visiting the vineyards with the agronomist: it looks like a very good year for the Bortolomiol Prosecco Superiore

Awaiting for the coming harvest, Bortolomiol agronomist, Giovanni Pascarella, makes his usual visit to the vineyards of the conferrers. What emerged was that the production is being envisaged of excellent quality, with promising and, weather permitting, higher volumes than last year. The so far collected data make the agronomist believe that this could become a very good year in terms of quality. Moreover this hypothesis has already been confirmed by the findings of the recent annual conference organized by Veneto Agriculture.

The vineyards of Conegliano Valdobbiadene show this year a good balance between bunch of grapes and vegetation. Thanks to the stress due to the high summer temperatures in fact, the plants have discontinued  the development of the vegetation, to concentrate more on the production of the grapes.

According to Pascarella, from a health perspective the current year can be considered extraordinary. The treatments have been reduced this year by 30%, compared to the seasonal average, leading to a minimal use of pesticides in the vineyard.

A goal achieved thanks to the long intervals between rain and sunny days, that allowed the growers to have time to intervene in the vineyard with the most suitable and effective ways to prevent the development of diseases.

Everything seems to be shaping up perfectly, although the end of August will be crucial to define the quality of the grapes.

The only problem that may stop the qualitative development of this vintage could be the drought. But the low pressure area which these days has reached the territory is already giving breath to the plants and will bring an important evolution of the spectrum of the grapes’ aromas.

The drop of the temperature will also provide a good balance of elements in the grapes during the two weeks before the harvest, which will make sublime the quality of the wines. Another clue on the vintage, that looks very promising this year.

The average figure recorded to this day in the vineyard, given the excellent level of sugar present in the grapes and its exponential growth in the month before the collection, leads one to believe that, if all goes as planned, the harvest will start on the second week of September: 10 days in advance of the previous years.

There is nothing else to do now than wait and follow the development of the grapes in this delicate period.