Roberto Cipresso and Emanuele Serafin work actively both in the winery and in the vineyard, with the valuable support of the agronomist Giovanni Pascarella and Giuliana Bortolomiol, reference points and corner stones of the whole new Bortolomiol agriculture, and of the organic vineyard project.

The quality of Bortolomiol products goes to show the strength of this old alliance between winery and grape growers. It increases and grows through frequent visits to the vineyard, meetings-discussions, events, update workshops and technical assistance and the many get-togethers during which special awards are presented in a cheerful, pleasant setting every year.

To further boost quality, this production area’s suitability has to be promoted by adopting the most appropriate vineyard management methods, and targeted technical assistance for growers.

That is why a program of updated courses has been set up, and on-the-field technical assistance is provided together with support of growing and plant defence methods. Mr. Giovanni Pascarella and the team of oenologists, guide and support the growers in this process.

These are the focal points of the Assistance project:

1. A technical meeting organized in the winter months (on fertilization or pruning) and another in the spring (phytosantitary aspects, management techniques and summer fertilization).

2. Assistance over the phone for all growers on major grape-growing topics.

3. Identification of “cru” in selected farms where specific technical assistance takes place through targeted visits: one during flowering (15-20 June) and one at veraison (20-25 June). The aim is to direct the grape grower towards more appropriate choices to promote the suitability of his/her vineyard.

4. Control of pre-harvest land treatment reports.

5. Control of ripening and deciding vintages on sample vineyards representing average growers.

6. Indication of best grape-growers for annual prize-giving.

7. Technical surveys at the grape grower’s request.

8. Promotion of the technical assistance project among operators and customers during update meetings and events.