Piave Cabernet D.O.C.


The land of Prosecco is dotted with hills and lies between the Veneto pre-alps and the Piave river, an area which saw numerous battles during the First World War. The area south of the river is traditionally the cradle of the cabernet grape and here Mormorò is born. This is a wine that the Bortolomiol winery has always produced even when the cabernet grape was grown around Valdobbiadene. Today the grapes for this wine are harvested and the wine is made from the more usual area, the lands of the lower Piave.

The slightly spicy and vanilla fragrance comes from its light aging in oak barrels. The flavour is soft with good tannin management. This wine is best as an accompaniment for noble roast meats like game as well as simpler meat dishes such as a mixed grill.
(Tasting & text by Michele Bressan)