Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G.
Dry – Millesimato


The number three from the traditional Docg line which has garnered much approval, success and many awards so it has every right to the name Maior, the best by definition. It stands out for the roundness of its taste, for its softness and a pleasing level of sweetness which places it towards the sweeter end of the Prosecco Superiore spectrum.

Its aromatic spectrum goes from the delicate, sweet sensations of white flowers to notes of mature exotic fruits. In the mouth it is dense and concentrated, almost sumptuous. This wine should be drunk after meals with not overly sweet cakes but can also be drunk with savoury dishes. It’s perfect with hot Asian sweet & sour dishes as it well matches their spiciness and their sweetness. For the same reason it goes well with traditional Venetian dishes such as Sarde in Saor made with pine nuts and raisins.

(Tasting & text by Michele Bressan)

YEAR 2014



“Dama d’Oro e Premio Speciale Tullio De Rosa”

YEAR 2010


“Gold Medal”

YEAR 2003


“Bronze Medal”

YEAR 2004, 2005, 2008 e 2009


“Gran Menzione”

YEAR 2009

La selezione del sindaco

Rassegna Internazionale

“Gold Medal”

YEAR 2008

Grandi Spumanti

“Diploma di Merito”

YEAR 2004


Miglior Spumante

“Premio Tullio de Rosa”