Bortolomiol Cuvée


From the historical experience of the Valdobbiadene sparkling winery comes a glamour cuvée, completing the Miòl collection. Perfect for cocktails and ideal for toasting any celebration, this spumante is energic with a convivial spirit, the colours of its label are reminiscent of travellers’ fabrics and echo natural elements, such as grapevines. The fine and persistent Perlage makes this cuvée perfect for enjoying as an aperitif in good company, reflecting a dynamic and modern lifestyle.

Miòl Écru is a sparkling wine made with Chardonnay, Glera and Perera grapes: a blend of international and native grape varieties in keeping with the sparkling wine-making experience of the Bortolomiol family. By virtue of its minerality it can be paired extremely well with raw fish and gourmet dishes, and it is perfect for preparing cocktails made with fresh fruit.