Tradizionali Collection Bortolomiol: Vintage and renewed

The Tradizionali Collection embodies the sustainability philosophy that Bortolomiol has been supporting for many years.

Therefore, after the success of Bandarossa 40th anniversary restyling, Bortolomiol is now renewing the look of this historic collection, which includes: Prior, Senior, Maior and Suavis, today all Millesimati (vintage).

The new bottles’ look and colors are inspired by nature, the four seasons and the tones that characterize the Italian sceneries: the shades are reminiscent of the feelings and scents of our lands and hills, our seas, our skies, revisited and elaborated to make them even more unique and recognizable.

Mustard, ocher and brown are the colors that characterize our country in autumn, they remind the smell of the wet earth in the vineyards.

The dark gray recalls the color of the sky during winter storms, and the smell of heavy rains.

The blue sea water is inspired by the color of the sea during the spring, the smell of the breeze of the coast and the colors of the skies of our country.

The dark orange reminds the sun and the heat of summer, the colors of the sunset, evoking memories of impalpable land dried by the wind.

The Tradizionali Collection has been developed through the identification of some particularly suitable areas of Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, which, thanks to an intense work alongside with the wine growers, has led to obtaining outstanding quality grapes and the rise of these four great wines.

It took intuition, determination and a long way to get to these four Prosecco Superiore. For it is only thanks to the work of men like Giuliano Bortolomiol, who believed in this wine and in the Charmat-Martinotti method, able to enhance its basic characteristics, that Bortolomiol has come to an accurate selection and the birth of the Tradizionali Collection.

The line includes a range of historic Prosecco Superiore, divided in 4 categories: Brut Sparkling, Extra Dry, Dry and Demi Sec, and it will be available for the abroad markets from January 2016.