From Valdobbiadene to Montalcino: journey of the Bortolomiol family through the world of wine

For the first time Bortolomiol, the historic producer of Prosecco Superiore, has chosen to branch out in the direction of the big reds and make investments in a vineyard bordering the renowned Tuscan Brunello production area.

From the vineyard at Montalcino, in the shadows of the medieval CastelVerdelli comes the first vintage of the Segreto di Giuliano (Giuliano’s secret), in a limited edition of just 2,675 bottles.

Giuliano Bortolomiol, an untiring researcher, was a pioneer in the world of Prosecco Superiore and was the first to make a Brut version of sparkling Prosecco in the ’60s, pre-empting today’s international trend for this popular wine.

“This wine is an important journey,” states Elvira Bortolomiol, Vice President, “a few years ago my sisters and I found some of our father’s notebooks, the writings included some recollections of Tuscany where we always spent our summer holidays. Among the notes on the big reds of these lands was also the dream of one day being able to add a red grape label to the collection…and so this is where the origins of this project lie”.

The 2016 vintage has been crafted by winemaker Roberto Cipresso who comments: “We are in the presence of a world-beater, a Sangiovese endowed with freshness and possessing an unmistakable balsamic note which is accompanied by aromas of tobacco and refined sweet spices. The potential for aging is considerable, but the Segreto di Giuliano is already today an extremely pleasant wine to savour. Everything is rounded off with a harmony and balance that makes it a wine worthy of the man who inspired it.”

The Segreto di Giuliano is today a dream come true thanks to the tenacity of the Bortolomiol women, who with passion and dedication have been able to continue along the road mapped out by their father and have obtained the best from the Sangiovese grape in a territory with such a strong vocation.