EXPO: Bortolomiol took part in the discussion table on internationalization organized by the Minister of agricolture and forestry politcs

On Saturday, October 10th Elvira Bortolomiol, representing not only the company but also the wine world, took part in the discussion table “Correct rules for new markets.
The conference, which addressed the complex issue of exports and internationalization of the Italian food industry, was held within the initiative EXPO After EXPO and presented a work divided into 26 thematic groups that have addressed the issues of the Universal Exposition: from the fight against food waste to the Zero Hunger in 2030 challenge, and the defense of water to food education.
The event was the ideal result of the discussions started last February among the program “Expo delle Idee”, which gave birth to the important contents of the Carta di Milano, signed also by Bortolomiol.
The discussion table was attended by big names including the Minister of Agriculture Maurizio Martina, the Minister of Environment Gian Luca Galletti, the President of Expo 2015 Diana Bracco, the President Monica Maggioni RAI and the mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia. At the end of the day, which was broadcast live on Rai 1, a video message was sent to the present people from the former President of the United Nations Kofi Annan.
A unique and historical occasion for Bortolomiol which confirmed once again to be a leading company on the sustainaibility issue.

 Here’s the link to see the video of the event: http://www.expo.rai.it/dossier/expo-dopo-expo-le-eredita-di-milano-2015/