Placing a further, important step in the right path of social responsibility, in these days Bortolomiol decided to take a direct and official commitment to the future of our planet by signing the Charter of Milan, a document of collective effort on the right to food, translated into 19 languages ​​and addressed to private citizens, companies, associations and institutions, which will be the intangible heritage of Expo 2015 to governments around the world.

In fact, as stated by the Human Development Report 2011 “Safeguarding the future of the planet and the right of future generations of the world to live prosperous and fulfilling lives is the great development challenge of the 21st century.” And also “Understanding the links between environmental sustainability and equity is essential if we are to expand human freedoms for current and future generations.”

Just like Bortolomiol, increasingly Italian and foreign companies wanted to make known to all mankind their daily commitment to improving all those aspects that can help minimize waste, facilitate disposal and recovery of used materials and contribute to the objectives of sustainable development through processes, products and services innovation, and through the adoption and fulfillment of social responsibility codes.


For more info and to subscribe the Milan Charter, this is the link to the official website: