Bortolomiol completes the harvest with the Motus Vitae: quality and passion are linked in the founder symbol wine

During the latest days Bortolomiol harvested the last grapes, the ones from the ‘rive’ (slopes) of San Pietro di Barbozza, a cru vineyard in which the soil and the exposure make the vines vigorous and rich in resources.

Here, in the so-called “Slopes of the kiss,” the sun-kissed grapes ripen with a very high quality and aromatic variety, thanks to the encounter of the cold air coming from the mountains overlooking the vineyard, with the warm air rising from the bed of the river Piave.

Such special grapes coming from the vineyards of Motus Vitae give to this particular cuvée the most intrinsic characteristics of the Prosecco Superiore DOCG.

The harvest of the Motus Vitae this year has been wonderful – said the oenologist Gianfranco Zanon – the grapes have been harvested after an accurate selection and the grapes were sparse and golden. Once the grapes have reach the cellar, thanks to their high quality, they have produced a very sweet must, with a balanced acidity. “

The must was subsequently deposited in a dedicated tank, where the first fermentation will occur at a controlled temperature for a duration of 12, 13 days. At the end of this period the obtained base wine will, as usual, start a long second fermentation in autoclave which will led it to be bottled in the early months of 2017.

“The satisfaction for this vineyard is not just about its high quality and technical characteristics – adds Elvira Bortolomiol – what also matters to us is the passionate work behind this wine, symbol of founder Giuliano Bortolomiol, which brings out more and more all the love that binds the family, company and winemakers to the name of this Prosecco Superiore “.