Bandarossa Special Reserve is born from a careful selection of the best grapes selected by the twenty vineyards from which the Bandarossa Prosecco Superiore DOCG is made. A selection of the selection therefore, which goes through a longer sparkling process.

Glera grapes are submitted to a sparkling process longer than the classic Charmat Method: this limited edition, in fact, remains in contact with the yeasts for a period of more than three months, after which the wine remains in the bottle in our cellar at controlled temperature for a few months. .
The choice of selected and ancient yeasts makes this sparkling wine extremely unique, giving rise to the most elegant and refined aspects of these grapes, in full respect of the tradition of Prosecco Superiore of Valdobbiadene.

This precious sparkling wine is kept inside a box of hot-branded wood, a seal that contains all the passion and sparkling experience contained in each bottle.