Maria Elena Bortolomiol at Salone d’Impresa 4.0

It was held in Marcon (VE), to the Colorificio San Marco the last appointment of Salone D’Impresa about the topic of the generational transition in the technological evolution and industry 4.0 and above all the management share with the managers.

Among the entrepreneurs selected for the occasion Maria Elena Bortolomiol President of Bortolomiol spa, as well as Andrea Tomat president of Lotto spa, while for the managers were present GianPaolo Fedrigo Managing Director of Coveme spa, Vito Rotondi Managing Director of MEP spa, Alessandro Trivillin Managing Director of ABS SpA, Cristina Ceccato CFO of RCH Group SpA Leading and moderating the conference were the President of the Ferdinando Azzariti Exhibition Hall, this time with Anna Guerra Project Manager, Sinedi srl.