Originally, the “banda rossa”, or red band, was a symbol that Giuliano Bortolomiol only placed on the best selection of bottles containing the Extra Dry of the year.


This selection was kept for uncorking with true friends, those who shared his passion for the land, for tradition and for fine wines. Among these friends were the founders of the Prosecco Wine Fraternity. They were pioneers of a great enterprise who saw this hillside wine rise to the status that it deserved on a national and international level.


That special Prosecco, which Giuliano marked with red pencil as early as the ’70s, has had its own label since 1986 and represents the quality of the best wines from the Bortolomiol cellars.
Today, Bandarossa has become a strong brand with its own identity, having gained much recognition and an excellent reputation.

Bandarossa is one of Bortolomiol’s historical and most iconic products, the one dedicated to special occasions: from celebrating big sports events to spending pleasant moments with friends and family.


To celebrate its fortieth birthday, Bortolomiol presents a new look for the bottle, to make this Vintage Prosecco Superiore even more unique and recognizable.


The packaging of the entire Bandarossa line has been altered to differentiate it from other vintages.


The Bandarossa image-enhancing project does in fact follow an eco-sustainable approach: from the materials of cartons and boxes to reorganising logistics, attempts have been made to optimize the process so as to pursue that sustainability which makes the firm stand out.


Some elements from the first Bandarossa bottle have been recaptured and redeveloped with a modern twist; the colours of the new seal are reminiscent of the 1986 bottle.


Furthermore, a new payoff has been associated with the product to stress its exceptional quality and status compared to other products: the famous quote by John Keats: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.